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Leaders: Got Expression?

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  • Monday, April 14, 2014
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  • Paul Larsen

As we have talked about in my prior posts, your VOICE as a leader is all about you. It is about discovering what is important to you, your core Values. And then using those Values to guide you as you create your vision, the Outcomes and goals that you desire.

Once your Outcomes are clear, you need to figure out how you can Influence your organization and your community to realize your goals and to determine what you can and cannot Influence…your spheres of Influence.

Next, it is time to take action and to step out of your comfort zone, take a stand and be Courageous. You can identify your Values, your Outcomes, your spheres of Influence….but without having the Courage to do anything with your VOICE, all your effort will be wasted.

Think of it this way: It is like having a beautiful present or gift tucked inside a box, but the outside of the box is neither wrapped nicely or wrapped at all. Hence, the outside of this unwrapped box does not match the beauty of the gift that is on the inside.

So you need to ensure that the “beauty” of your Values, Outcomes, & Influence is “wrapped-up tightly” within a Courageous call to action. Take that next step forward and Express yourself.

And how you Express externally needs to match who you are internally. There needs to be alignment on how you represent yourself externally to what makes you who your are on the inside. Authenticity counts big when you are Expressing yourself.

By taking that stand, voicing your opinion, making yourself known, communicating what matters to you…you are Expressing who you are.

Your Expression as a leader is your presence, it is your footprint, it is the mark you leave on others, it is the legacy you create, it is the trail you leave for others to follow.

It is the impact you leave on the world, your community, your organization, your family, your friends…yourself.

The world needs your Expression. The world needs your VOICE. What are you waiting for?


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