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Leaders : Got Influence?

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  • Monday, March 24, 2014
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  • Paul Larsen

Influence. Persuasion. Convince. Sway. Engage. Motivate.

Your team. Your organization. Your communities. Your relationships. Yourself.

How do you use your VOICE as a leader to influence…to get the outcomes you want? To get the outcomes you need? To make your vision come alive?

What does it look like? How do you get people to follow you…to listen to you…to believe in you?

Influence is not about your title. Manager. Parent. Owner. VP. Who cares? You don’t need a title to influence.

Influence is not about TALKING LOUDER, YELLING OR SHOUTING ORDERS. That only makes you look weak…not persuasive. You don’t need a voice on STEROIDS to influence.

Influence is all about encouraging, motivating, getting people to follow you. To get people to trust you. To respect you. To be seen as credible.

To be successful in influencing your outcomes is to really believe in your values…your beliefs. How can you expect people to believe in what you say if you don’t really believe it yourself? How can you expect to influence people, if you are not clear on the values that influence you?

You need to have the ability to believe in yourself, your values, your goals and outcomes and to tell your compelling vision and story to influence those around you. Influencing your outcomes and to successfully get what you want means that people trust and respect you…no matter what role that you play. Many times, the people have the most influence are not the people in power. The successful influencers have a quiet voice which is used as an persuasive force not only for their needs but for the needs of others as well.

Being a successful influencer means that you focus on what can you influence versus what you cannot. In other words, you need to determine your “spheres of influence” so you can focus your values and your outcomes on what you can change…what you can influence. Don’t waste your time and energy on things you cannot change.

Finding your VOICE as a leader means discovering your core VALUES; creating a compelling vision to get the OUTCOMES you want; building relationships with INFLUENCE and credibility; making decisions that use your COURAGE to stand alone; and communicating your overall EXPRESSION for lasting impact.

Life is too short not to use your Influence…your VOICE… as a leader. What are you waiting for?


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